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venerdì 2 ottobre 2015

Skr4wsex & Sixt3r 'WET LOOP EP' ::: drop041

Skr4wsex & Sixt3r
 drop 041

DJ Sam Divine 6/10 cool tunes! 
ElectroBiT 7/10 Thanks a lot for promo!Great Blast of Lust, Full support!

Kickflip 8/10 Love Flat Funk! Also feeling Flat Funk.
Pale Penguin 6/10 Flat Funk is quite nice
Ronnie Matthews 9/10 Nice ep that has good potential for some of the crew. We'll test & support.
Ugo de Crescenzo 9/10 Killing Electro Tunes, "Flat Funk" is da ONE!

lunedì 29 giugno 2015

Scapo "Back to Reality" [Dirty Drop 040]

'Back to Reality'
'Dystopian Funk'

Dirty Drop 040

to celebrate our 40th single we released this vanguard single, a truly different sound, and 100% original Scapo style, as he calls it: Cyberfunk.
2 tracks for future dancefloors of the next age.

produced by Scapo
mastered & released by Dirty Drop

DJ Sam Divine:«Nice release! thx»(10/10)
Will support and chart

ElectroBiT:«Great!!!Thanks!!! Full support!»(10/10)
Will support and chart
| Haurelio, now HAU:«big ups for Scapo...»(10/10)
Will support and chart
Tebon (Electro Italia):«EPIC EPIC EPIC!»(9/10)
Will support and chart
Ronnie Matthews:«Nice ep that could work for some of the crew. We'll test & support.»(8/10)
Will support and chart
Kickflip:«Not for my sets, but cool stuff!»(7/10)
Pale Penguin:«Good flavoured funky rollin tracks...will support for sure!»(7/10)
Will support
Jason:«will try. »(6/10)
Will support

giovedì 13 novembre 2014


drop 039

Released 13 nov 2014
produced by SCHZ
mastered @ Dirty Drop


martedì 30 settembre 2014

Toy Quantize "TRICK OR TREAT"

Toy Quantize
drop 038

Release date:
23 October 2014

original track By Toy Quantize
remixes by: Scapo & Tim Dexter
mastered @ Dirty Drop

Adam Faz 8/10 Thanks for the promos. Diggin' TIm Dexter remix!!!
Alex Preda 6/10 Good tracks but not for me, thank you!
Diego Castillo (Positiva FM) 6/10 Good release
Dj Kato 6/10 like the tim dexter remix. will give some spins
DJ Reginald 6/10 full support!
ElectroBiT 9/10 Thanks a lot for promo.Great work by Pavel as usual.Full support!
frisco 6/10 great sound
Lee Rossi 8/10 cool mixes. I would play the electro mix as a house track. good stuff!!!
Leuce Rhythms 7/10 Clear production and great ideas
Luis Deluxe 9/10 very good tracks
MARTOPETER 8/10 Nice release ! The Orginal is really cool and the two remix are very nice as well !! Well done guys !!!
Pale Penguin 8/10 Solid package all around....original is a wicked piece of Electro-Breaks/Tech- Funk with dramatic touches while both remixes are quality!
Rob Smith / RSD 4/10 Tim Dexter remix is ok
Ronnie Matthews 9/10 Nice project with good energy & production. We'll test & support.
Saish Kotecha - EMS Radio 6/10 so much variety in this release. Quite impeccable

mercoledì 25 giugno 2014

Dirty Drop Mix 2014 - Mixed by Scapo

Dirty Drop Mix 2014
Mixed by Scapo 


live processed & mixed by Scapo,
using Traktor 2 & Hercules 4mx controller.

played using original Dirty Drop wav mastered tracks.
All tracks released on Dirty Drop (except "Back to Reality", still unreleased).

-SCHZ -method
-SCHZ -resonance cascade
-The Analogeeks -french kiss
-Scapo -djangol
-The Analogeeks -french kiss (Pornorockerz rmx)
-Scapo -djangol (Electrofixed rmx)
-Z4thoichi -panspermia (Bit Par Pals rmx)
-The Analogeeks -french kiss (MustBeat Crew rmx)
-Scapo -back to reality
-Z4thoichi -panspermia
-Slugger Punch -sliding streets
-Scapo -unchained beats
-Scapo -unchained beats (Tim Dexter rmx)
-Scapo -unchained beats (Slugger Punch rmx)
-Ergot Method -dr Breakill

martedì 6 maggio 2014



produced by SCHZ (u.s.a.)

mastered @ Dirty Drop

"SCHZ is a project by American musician and producer David Holt. SCHZ mixes rock elements with techno and electro-house elements resulting in heavy rhythms and catchy melodies. SCHZ evolved out of Holt's production experience spanning multiple genres including electro, tech-house, rock, hip hop but also incorporating cinematic and ambient elements. Holt has been independently promoting his different projects with free releases and remixes since 2010 under the umbrella 'Subjective Changes' . Recent work includes forthcoming projects with Jose Villeda from Retune Music and Junior Diaz from So Flo Studios. The 'Vertigo One EP' by SCHZ is his latest effort on Dirty Drop Records which features his take on the electro and techno genres."

feeds from the world:
Claas Reimer 6/10 The music itself is not so special for me but very good sound quality!
DJ Danila 8/10 Dope!
Dj Kato 6/10 method nice track. will give spins and support.
Fedde Le Grand 5/10 Thank you for the music you sent us! We look forward to reviewing it.
frisco 6/10 great work
Hanuman Tribe 7/10 only Resonance Cascade for us. nice 
Kickflip 7/10 Liking Resonance Cascade!
Leuce Rhythms 5/10 Nice tight production. A little too many Dutch hoover stabs throughout for my liking. All in all, it's a good E.P.
Toni Espagne 7/10 nice
Ugo de Crescenzo 7/10 Great electro killing tracks as usual!

martedì 4 marzo 2014

SCAPO'S "CHEMTRAILS ABOVE" featured on I SEE short movie, u.s.a.

(original + Itzokor remix)
featured on:
Stephen Nichols's 
short movie

Scapo's "Chemtrails Above (original)" and Itzokor remix, 
have been published for Dirty Drop.